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The We Got Your Back Campaign

The homeless population is a crisis in our society. At Danna we believe that how a society treats the least among us is a reflection on all of us. With that said, homelessness is a complex problem and the solutions required to fix it require revamping our views and programs revolving around mental health, addiction, affordable housing, and public services. In the meantime, we at Danna are trying to make life just a little easier for those living on the streets.

The We Got Your Back Campaign came out of an experience one of our founder’s, Anna Rollins-Stanger, had several years ago. She noticed a homeless woman struggling to manage her belongings, mostly in a plastic garbage bag. Things were falling out and she could see the woman becoming frustrated. Imagine having to keep all of the things you depend on for your life with you at all times. It truly would be a challenge. Anna quickly ran to a department store, purchased a backpack and some necessities and went back to the area where she saw the woman. She gave the woman the backpack and went on her way.

A couple days later Anna was in that same area and this homeless woman ran up to her and threw her arms around her, thanking her for her kindness. It was the same homeless woman she had given the backpack to just days earlier. It was a small act of kindness that truly had an impact on this homeless woman.

The We Got Your Back Campaign provides backpacks with some necessities, water, toothbrush, socks, etc., to the homeless population. Our hope is to see this campaign continue to grow throughout the country providing just a little comfort to those on the streets.